Quick test Professional is widely used for functional testing database and Regression testing. It’s easy to use and script development and maintains is very easy in compare to other automation tools.

Quick test professional supports the various languages like Visual Basic (VB), XML, JavaScript, Java, and HTML.


User can developed their own script using Descriptive programming approaches and using Record and play back as well as.


Quick test professional having various feature which helps to user to work on.


Key Feature:


Data table:


Quick test professional provide the Data table feature which is very useful while taking the input data to run the script without manual intervention for example if user wants to run there multiple test scenarios in a sequence dependents on the Flag like (True/False) or 0 or 1 for that purpose user needs to put the all the test data in data table in a proper manner.

Data table is Microsoft excel sheet and the data table contains global and local sheet.


Global sheet: Global sheet is available to all the action in the sheet.

Local sheet: The Local sheet is available to corresponding Action.


The Data Table contains one Global tab plus an additional tab for each action, or test step grouping, in your test. The Data Table assists you in parameter zing your test.



Type of Data Table:


Design Time Data Table: User can enter the data in Data table during script preparation


Run Time Data Table: The data table which is used while running the script is called run time data table.

The data can be same as entered during the design time data table or it can be different data by importing the data from the excel sheet or word or txt doc.