It’s a test management and defect tracking tool .Its acts as center repository for many test scripts; it also executes the test scripts.

Quality Center is Test management and defect tracking tool and widely used in the Software industries.

The Key feature of the Quality center



Test Plan

Test Resource

Test Lab




Release management:

Describe how to define releases and cycles for managing the application life cycle like project > Release 1> Cycle 1


Requirement Specification:

Define the requirements by building a requirement tree


Test planning:

Define the Test case under the Test Plan Tree where user can write the actual Test cases actual and expected results

Project > Release > Test scenarios


Test Execution:


Change the run status of the Test case’s according to execution results.


Defect Tracking:


Defect Tracking is used to report the defect and track the complete defect cycle until defects is not resolved.


Quality Center Analysis:


Dashboard is used to create the Customized report on various parameter like defect status wise, resource wise , severity wise etc.