User acceptance testing is a separate testing phase which will take care by the group of actual user at the client end.

The UAT team will consist of the group of applications team who have very less Technical knowledge and worked as End user and understand the business and users problem.

User acceptance Testing is very important testing because of this will be done by independent test team on dedicated environment to looking at user perceptive.

Outcome of this testing activity will give the confidence to the Client to take this release in to the Production in case of everything is  fine from User acceptance testing point of view.

User acceptance Testing phase has greater importance because of this will be last testing phase

Before moving to production and User acceptance testing will be done by actual user how

Belongs to different-different application and well aware the day to problem and user issue

While using the application

User acceptance testing point out the gap between requirement gathering and Development or Design error and most importantly user acceptance testing not influence by developer or designer team its independent testing hence outcome of the testing also is very good and useful.

UAT Team member customer and real-time experience handling given the confidence of the build

Most of the organization build the User acceptance testing consist of non-technical staff

And some of the organization builds the team including the non-technical and technical staff to test the application or build.

End users test the application/Build without knowing the in-depth technical information about the application and emphasis on the look and feel, accessibility and ease of use etc.

User acceptance testing will done at client end hence it’s also known as Beta Testing

Most of the common findings from the end users:

How to search the employee/Records?

Wild Search is not working?

Icon/logo is not visible?

Tab is not working?

Scroll bar should be present in the screen if numbers of records are more than 20?

Application should be accepted the login and password in the Small & capital letter?

The most important finding and conclusion come out of the above observation how user approaches the application from end user point of view and make the application such a way to help and convenient use of the application without any help.

Easy navigation and simple look and feel give the confidence to the end user to use the application smoothly and it will reduce the query and concern during support window and better customer service.

In case of any observation or suggestion during the user acceptance testing is very important and it will analyses by the Development team and as per the time frame and nature of suggestion /observation it will addressed by the development team if the observation /suggestion is very important and available time frame allow this changes will be taken care in the current release than it will implemented and tested on the same release otherwise development team will communicate to the User acceptance team and concern person regarding their analysis and if due to any reason this observation/ suggestion not addressed in the current release than in that case it will delivered on the production as Hot Fix and User acceptance team will give the conditional sign –off to the development team.

Conditional Sign off


Conditional Sign off is the Document which is prepared when any observation /suggestion are not fixed in the current release and the observation severity and priority is low than Concern team provide the conditional sign off to next phase testing team to proceed the next box testing

Key component of the Conditional Sign off :


Project Name:
Specify the name of the project like: SILVER
Release Name
Specify the Release name like: Silver 1.X


The Objective of the conditional sign off to inform the concern team regarding the open issue and severity in advance and impacted component before moving to the next box testing
The scope of the testing is Application Interface only
Impacted Component
Planned Release
The planned interim release for the issue is Silver 1.X.X
This is low severity and low priority issue and not impacted the core functionality of the application and it will take care in next release.