Primary requirements to run wordpress locally is first to have a server where you can host your files and second one is MySQL database.

There are many ways to setup wordpress on local but here I am going to explain simple and quickest way. Here we go step by step –

  1. Go to WAMP website, download and install it depending on your operating system.
  2. Start all WAMP services Apache, MySQL etc. Just double click on newly installed WAMP and you will see it in menus on status bar right side menus. if all services start correctly then it turns green. in case any one is having issue then it will show as yellow and if there is some issue with all services then it will display as red.
  3. In case it is yellow or red just simply uninstall it and install it direcly under main directory i.e inside c:/wamp.
  4. Go to and download latest wordpress package and extract it somewhere on local. All files will be in wordpress folder.
  5. Left click on WAMP icon and select local directory.
  6. Copy / past that wordpress extracted package to this open directory. so your wordpress files will in a directory like c:/wamp/www/wordpress.
  7. Now you need a database for wordpress where it can save all your website data and a user id, password using that woddpress will connect to MySQL database.
  8. Left click on WAMP tray icon and selct PhpMyAdmin. Enter root as user name and leave password blank and click on login.
  9. In left hand navigation click on create database. Give and name to database and submit.
  10. on same screen select privileges and create a new user for this database and keep remind the user id and password this we will be using for database connection.
  11. Now we are ready with prerequisites and ready to trigger the setup.
  12. Open your favorite browser and open link http://localhost/wordpress or replace the wordpress if you saved it with some other name.
  13. You will get a default message from wordpress to keep db details ready that we have already done. lets click on continue.
  14. Enter all the details and continue.
  15. Fill details to create a wordpress admin account that we will use later to login on wordpress admin panel.
  16. And we are done… u huh… your wordpress website is up now. I know its awesome!!!
  17. Now you can login on admin panel by navigating to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin, enter the credential that you created while setting up wordpress and here you go.
  18. For further information about wordpress customization stay tuned to TestLead.