• Process variable
  • Shared variables


Global variables

These variables allow you to specific constants that can be used throughout the project


Global Variable

  • Usage of the global variable in the fields of a resource
  • Enter the variable name surrounded by %% on both sides
  • Drag from the global variable tree in the display into a text field in the configuration panel



Shared Variables

Shared variables – These variables allow you to specify data for use across multiple process instances. Since multiple process instances can access the same variable, you can also synchronize access across process when setting or retrieving the shared variable

  • Activity
  • Setshared variable
  • Getshared variable
  • XPath

xpath (XML Path Language) is an expression language developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for addressing parts of XML documents


  • TIBCO BusinessWorks uses XPath (XML Path Language) to specify and process elements of data schema.
  • It is used to perform basic manipulation and comparison of strings, numbers, and booleans etc